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    new addiction

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    Best 12 gallon?

    You can't go wrong with the JBJ or aquapod but look into what kind of lighting you want. Some come with metal halides. Which mean more light for you corals if you choose to take that route and more money. I personally have 24 gal aquapod that houses some mushrooms, zoas, and a brain coral. I...
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    sand cleaning question (12gallon jbjNCdx

    The lfs suggested turbo snails when I asked the same question. However, I don't seem to have any luck with them. I had 3 for my 24g aquapod and all but 1 seemed to have died. What I have in there now is 1 zebra turbo (who looks like it is on its last leg), 1 Margarita, and what I think is a...
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    dieing aussie acan

    I found the dwarf angle attacking the acan. It has since been removed from the tank and back at the fish store. Hopefully, with some luck the acan will recover. I don't test for magnesium but it does get in the tank from the salt I use and I do water changes once a week. I also added stuff...
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    dieing aussie acan

    It looks like my Aussie acan is dieing and I was wondering what is going on. It is currently on the bottom of my 24g aquapod. Is it not getting enough water movement? My parameters are good. The only thing that I can think of is my dwarf angle is picking on it but I have not seen it go near...
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    How green is my tank..

    Lighting is deffenetly one of the causes to the growth of the green algae. Is it micro (growing on the glass) or macro (long hairy stuff on the rock work) algae? I had a huge algae bloom first on the walls then throughout the water. It has since cleared up with the help of snails eating the...
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    free floating micro algea

    Any suggestions on how to get rid of free floating micro algae besides water changes. All my parameters are dead on and the all the critters are happy and growing.
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    Nanocube powerhead nozzle options?

    I have seen people make their own, just need to make sure that if you are gluing anything together it is marine safe. You can buy the loc-line and an assortment of attachments for the ends.
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    24g Aquapod

    So after a month of waiting for this thing to cycle and the funky cloud, that I posted about in another thread, to go away I finally introduced a fish. I added a purple firefish and 4 turbo snails to the tank. Once the LFS gets in dwarf hermits they will be going in next. I'm going to wait a...
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    40g Custom Rimless Reef Build

    It's still a very nice tank, I would be proud of it.
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    water clearity

    I mixed the water and everything was running fine. All I have added was a pH buffer to raise the pH. I will check my parameters right after this post and edit once I got everything. The algae spike is starting to go down now if that might have anything to do with it.
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    A PICO!

    I not handy with tools at all. Everything I cut comes out wrong.
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    A PICO!

    I like how you make all these tanks your self. (unless I'm missing something)
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    water clearity

    As of last night before this started to happen: Calcium: 440 Ammonia: 0 Carbon Hardness: 10 dKH Phosphate: 0 Nitrate: 0 Nitrite: 0 pH: 8.3-8.4ish Specific Gravity: 1.023 I will have to test this again but it wont be until tomorrow. Maybe it will give some insight once I run the tests...
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    water clearity

    It is about a week and a half since I set up my 24g aquapod. I tested everything last night to see where everything was at for cycling period. I come home from work to find that there looks to be a cloudy haze in the water. What could this be? I have nothing in the tank yest except for macro...