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    They are aptasia. Peppermint shrimp wont eat large aptasia. You can buy all sorts of treatments but it is best to remove them manually. I use a flame. A small butane torch with a strong flame that you can burn the little buggers with. Once you remove/kill as many as you can, then get a...
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    blue velvet damsels

    best to steer away from any damsels. They will bully any other fish to the point of death.
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    Planted saltwater?

    Search the net for refugiums. You can plant mangroves but they need to grow out of the water. Otherwise macro algae but they are not really suited to display tanks.
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    My new aptasia treatment.

    6 weeks later, no sign. Think I've had a win!
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    Well here is my tank.

    Nice little tank you have there. too bad about your photography skills :lol: What about some details, filtration ect. Is that a tubinaria or montipora frag on the last shot? It will be interesting to see the growth rate.
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    Feeding coral

    Nice shot
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    Nano-Cube 24g

    Looks great, well done!
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    40g Custom Rimless Reef Build

    Awesome. What type of blenny is that?
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    Lights for 2.5 gallon

    Star polyps are really looking great. Sometimes they die off so you must be on the right track now.
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    Got my tank and stand!

    You can put the LR in now.
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    Can you post some pics of your tank and equipment. Might help us help you.' They are really high, I think there must be something that can be taken out, cleaned or added to help.
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    My new 50 litre Nano

    Hi, Welcome to the forum. The amount of live rock depends on the size of your tank. That is probably the right amount of LR for a small tank up to 35 litres. Can you give us some more info on your new system? what lights, pumps ect. that will help us to help you. bugger, the pics didn't...
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    A PICO! ... 240%3A1318 With one of these from ebay. Cheap and effective.
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    A PICO!

    Glass cutting is fairly easy and cheap to do. You can buy a glass cutter at most hardware stores. You need the type that uses oil as a lubricant, the cheaper ones are crap. Then it is simply a matter of scoring the glass with the cutter, and the glass will snap along that line. there will...
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    A PICO!

    not too hard for me. I'm a carpenter. (shouldn't admit that, the cabinet is not too flash :oops: )