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    VTF at lunchtime.

    Went through VTF at lunch picking up new water. The pics are posted here. B ... 186#148186
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    pics from T&T

    It's been a busy/rough year. My job has gotten steadily more busy, with folks leaving, and morale going downhill. Shannen decided in April that she didn't want to be married any longer. She moved to Seattle in August. Getting divorced should be easy for us, but it's complicated by a lawsuit...
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    pics from T&T

    I went through T&T on Sunday and took some pics. Just finally got them uploaded and posted on MARSH. Dialup Beware! B ... ic&t=18249 ... ic&t=18248
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    96w 50/50 quad bulbs $15

    Thanks guys. I've really missed everyone on here, but things have been so hectic that I haven't had time to visit any of the forums much, or really do anything hobby-related other than just the very minimum maintenance on the tanks. Long story short. In January my boss, (and friend), got...
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    Getting divorced, free stuff in Houston.

    I've got a few things sitting in the garage that I'm gonna get rid of this weekend. Well, actually I won't be there, but Shannen will be there having a garage sale, and can get you access to the stuff. If this weekend won't work for you, I'll be back in town next Wednesday night, and can...
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    96w 50/50 quad bulbs $15

    Hey all, I wasn't sure where this post should go, so I figured I'd put it in the general area cause it'd get the most attention. I've been absent for many months now, but I'm hoping to be able to poke my head in more often in the next few months. Lots of changes in my world, not all bad...
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone. Have fun, and be safe tonight. Sadie, I'm sorry to hear it. That sucks. Well, drink heavily tonight and try to have fun anyway. :lol: B
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    HI some question

    I've had to have this conversation with a few friends since I started into the hobby. They see a healthy tank and want one. Once you explain the time involved to set one up, research things, then maintain them, most of them have decided they don't want one after all. Especially once they...
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    HI some question

    Explain that if he's not going to give the fish an appropriate sized tank, with decent filtration, and then regularly maintain it he might as well just go flush his wallet down the drain. If he wants a tank, but doesn't want to spend as much time maintaining it, then he needs to rule out...
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    Cant get calcium up

    To raise my CA levels if they're low I've always used turbo calcium. I use the b-ionic to maintain my levels fairly well on smaller tanks, but it doesn't seem to work very well to actually raise levels if they're low. B
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    Heres a few new pics.

    Sorry for the delay, guys. Family in from out of town meant no time on the computer. The camera is an older Olympus c-5050 zoom. No filters. Here's the specs. ... c5050z.asp My wife found the pipefish, (which isn't in the pics), at TNT over a...
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    planning a possible upgrade...

    You don't need that deep a sandbed for the jawfish. I've had bluespot and pearly jawfish and never had more than 2.5 - 3inch sandbed. However you will need some different size grain/rubble for it. They use it to shore up the burrow, and to create doors with. Most of the time I just added a...
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    deadly hammer head coral?

    I've never seen a sweeper tentacle extend longer than two inches or so from the main body of the colony. This is a coral with a potent sting however. B
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    Heres a few new pics.

    Here's a few new ones. B
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    funny cat pics

    Not cat pics. A couple of friends came into town and had their dog Dexter with them. One of the most laid back dogs I've ever seen. Almost makes me want to get one. Almost. B