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    25 Gal Start up

    Great Tank, great pics!
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    Nanotank Frag Swap IV - Take 2

    How do you work a frag swap here with everybody being all over the country? Sorry, newbe, remember?
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    Lots About Liverock (56k warning)

    As a newbe here, I found this very useful. I have some tonga rock that I saved because I really liked the shape of them, so I guess I'll be using them again. Great. Thanks.
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    New to Nanotank forum

    Thanks Jesse, that helps a lot as I was thinking the same thing as far as the lighting was concerned.
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    New to Nanotank forum

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum, actually I'm new to any forum, but I thought this looked like just my place. I'm not new to reefkeeping. I used to have a 75 gal. SW tank, but had to sell it about 4 yrs ago when I had some health issues & could no longer afford it or take care of it. Now...