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    Hair Algae

    Hey guys...long time no lurk It's been awhile since I have been here and I'm in need of some help. My tank is 1.3 years old. For the past couple of months I have had a huge hair algae outbreak. It started with a couple of small pieces that never really grew for the past year then all of a...
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    It's been running for about 24hrs and i can't believe how clear my water is. I was having some temp issues and I believe it was linked to the old filter. Anyway tank is looking good.
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    I decided on the Fluval 305 today. I was at a local shop (petsmart) and it was priced the same as any internet site that I have seen so I took a close look at it. After looking closely at the inlet and outlets to the tank, I seemed to like these better than the ones on the Marineland setup...
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    I currently have an old Magnum HOT 250 filter which is starting to show some age. The tubes into and out of the filter are starting to leak...etc. I'm looking to get opinions on 2 filters. I'm wanting to stay under $150 so if you have any suggestions, feel free to add other filters. BTW...
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    MH Suggestions

    right now it's all softies with 2 clowns. not planning on adding anything else for awhile. i started the tank with frags and just wanting to let everything grow itself out and fill the tank. I wouldn't mind getting into some acro but won't attempt it until i get some new lights.
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    clownfish,All kinda gobies ,5.5Gallon

    broken caps lock drty?
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    MH Suggestions

    Any idea what wattage I should shoot for with MH and T5's?
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    MH Suggestions

    I'm trying to see what size MH retro that I need for my 29g tank. It is 12"w x 18"h x 30"L. I'm thinking of making a hood for it. I have a dual 65w PC setup that I was planning on using the actinics from to add to this setup. What do you guys recommend?
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    skimmer and overflow

    if you keep up with water changes, your 10g shouldn't need a skimmer. Unless ofc you feed heavily, we are all guilty :twisted:
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    heres a recent pic of my nano

    30 gallon cube....i think it's the 3rd post on the first page =D
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    Bio-cube for a 3-1/2 yr. old?

    I'm not sure that I can agree completely with reefsmart's method here. Let me explain what I see here. Estimate what you think a FO tank will cost. Now double that. We engineers tend to underestimate costs associated with projects and I do this everytime I have set up my tank. Now that...
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    my tank...20gallon high

    While a skimmer does well on getting rid of excess nutrients in the water column, you can do just as good or better with just running a carbon filter and doing regular water changes. If you keep up with the water changes you will be adding regular supplements through the new salt that you won't...
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    my tank...20gallon high

    I would have to agree on the frogspawn and lighting. I have mine in a 29g (18" tall) with 130W PC lighting and it's doing pretty good but would be much happier with MH or T5's. (Hopefully santa will be nice this christmas and I can get a MH setup)
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    Quick setup question

    Maybe a little late but I would build my own tank. Or atleast buy the tank and stand then put what accessories in that I want. Most pre-fab tanks don't have what I'm looking for in equipment.
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    just what i needed