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    Huge green algae problem, help please.

    How long do you leave your lights on during the day? I only keep mine on 8 hours, I was told from the lfs that anything more than this does NOTHING for your corals (they can only photosynthesize so much in a day) and will only contribute to algae growth. If lighting is not an issue, I would...
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    new tank...

    I don't know if I would do a large water change so soon on such a new tank In my experience, that same move put me back at least two weeks. I changed my water and the filter and I lost all the nitrate converting bacteria (which you want!) In essence, my tank needed to cycle again. Check...
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    BC Tips and Tricks

    It is always helpful for these... For example -- Remove the bio balls from the back compartment, they hold nitrates -- For people struggling with pH, and ALL other levels are normal, it may be the ventilation of the room where the tank is. Improve ventilation or simply add an air pump...
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    I'll punch you right in the Jawfish

    My blue spot does just fine in my 29 BC. My sand bed is about 1 1/2". I would recommend adding plenty of live rock rubble. Beware though they jump... A LOT! They scare pretty easy. Very entertaining though.
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    New fish ideas?

    I have a blue spotted jawfish and he is awesome! He has the biggest personality of any fish. Jawfish aren't supposed to swim around in the tank, but placed in an environment where they feel safe, they will... at least from my experience. My jawfish swims around in the current for hours on...