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    Goby ????

    I was recently told that a firefish goby (or dartfish) is not a goby. Is this true? Everything I have read refers them to be of the gobiidae family (gobies). What is the general consensus? ... 2&aid=1680
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    Skimmer for BC29

    Has anyone had any experience with using a smaller version of the sapphire skimmer in the 1st compartment of the BC29? For example the Sapphire skimmer for the NC24 or 12 is much smaller that the one made for the BC29 could it be used in the 1st chamber? I would like to make the second...
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    My DIY fuge light

    Okay folks, here is my ghetto DIY fuge light for my new BC29. I got all my material from Home Depot. It cost around $25, so before I put it together I may take it back and just buy the compact fluorescent light ($28) like the galaxy one? ... catid=8154...
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    Skimmer ?

    Has anyone used the SR3 Protein Skimmer on their tanks? ... 1+C43.aspx
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    Fuge lighting ideas

    Hi all. I have a BC29 and I was wondering what others use for a fuge light for the back compartments. I was looking at a 20w 120 volt under the cabinet light to attach to the back of the BC29 after scraping some black stuff off the back. Any better ideas or experiences would be greatly...
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    Where to buy a nice tank stand

    Where in the world can I buy a nice tank stand? When I say nice I mean non black stand that looks like a piece of living room furniture. No offense to people with black stands; its just a personal preference thing. I actually ordered a Solana stand and the company refunded me my money due to...
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    Oceanic Biocube 29 for sale

    I have a brand new in the box Oceanic Biocube 29 gallon for sale. THIS DOES NOT HAVE A CANOPY OR TOP. Package includes: Oceanic BioCube 29g Tank stock return pump Sponges Carbon Bio Balls Ceramic Rings Asking $165 shipped or slightly less for local pick-up in the...
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    Coralife 9w Turbo Twist UV Sterilizer

    I have a used Coralife turbo twist UV sterilizer 9W (needs new bulb) that works great. I am selling it for $69 with rio 400 pump. I used it for a short period of time on my 55 gal FOWLR when I had an ich problem from adding a new fish and it helped tremendously. Let me know if you are...
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    10 gallon tank for sale

    I have a 10 gal tank with stock canopy & lighting and a penguin 100 HOB filter for sale. Make me a reasonable offer and pay for shipping and its yours.
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    Oceanic BC 29 stock canopy and bulbs for sale / turbo twist

    I just purchased a BC29 and will not be using the brand new stock canopy. I am selling it for $79 with bulbs. Nanotuners sells the same item for $129 (w/o bulbs). . I also have a used Coralife turbo twist UV sterilizer 9W (needs new bulb) that works great. I am selling it for $79 with rio 400...
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    Replacement water pump for a BC29

    Any1 ever heard of or use a ViAqua 305 (315 gph 18 watt)?
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    BC29 Lighting upgrade ?

    When upgrading the BC29 hood to the 4.36 144w from nanocustoms, what bulbs do you recommend getting? 2 50/50's or 1 10000k / 1 actinic blue?? Oh yah, can someone please give me their opinion on which is a better light set-up; the upgrade from nanocustomers to 144w or buy a 150w sunpod??????
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    Ocean Reflections

    If anyone is interested in the Solana tank (in Arizona only for tank won't ship tank). However, they have other products like the stand and everything else you may need for your tank. They even have CAD systems. Ken at Ocean reflections is extremely helpful. Great customer service! I bought a...
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    Ordered new tank

    Hi all just wanted to post my new purchase after reading and reading and reading some more on all these reef forums I narrowed my tank choices to a AP24 w/ Sunpod and the BC29. Last night I literally flipped a coin and it came up heads - so I bought the BC29. Ideally, I would of loved to get...
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    BC29 ?

    Does anyone know where one can buy a glass canopy for a Oceanic BC29, or do they not make one? I really want to have a sunpod on either a AP24 or BC29 and I have 2 small kids so it is important to have a canopy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Pro's and Con's of different aquariums

    Can someone please help me decide on whether to get the oceanic 29 or the jbj 24. What are the pro's and con's of both. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Also, does anyone know of a good sight that explains modification to these nano systems??? Thank y'all.
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    Best place to buy a nano/bio cube besides craigslist or ebay

    Hi all. I am brand new to this sight. Lots of great info here. I have had a 55 FOWLR tank for a couple of years and I would like to ease into corals. I really like the 24 gal or 29 gal bio cubes. Any advice on the best place to purchase one. Ya know more bang for your buck kinda thing. :condom...