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    Population plan

    Plus 1 to johnanddawn for the most part. The Blue Ridge corl will do fine as will the Monti Cap but it will look a little outta place with all those softies. But its your tank and your eye that must be pleased. But definitely ditto on the Flower Pot, the Nudi and clams!
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    Pairing Clowns?

    For best results in pairing off a couple of clowns start with really small juveniles. Generally one will assert dominance and become the female and the other will remain a male and submissive. Some species will bicker more than others, for example Maroons will sometimes abuse each other so bad...
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    live rock placement - stack it high or spread it out

    No this would not be an issue if done the way you describe. I would also add about 5 more pounds unless you have some really light weight porus rock. If your using Fiji the stocking ratio thats often suggested is 1.25 - 1.5 lbs per a gallon depending on the density of the rock. Since the tank...
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    How long before turning on Protein Skimmer

    A skimmer can be ran as soon as you can get it fired up. Now it may not start producing any skimate for a few days as there is usually a break in period that most will need to go through before operating well. Yes the skimmer that comes with them leaves a bit to be desired from what I have...
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    new tank, glass thickness?

    same here....but after seeing the link obviously being a factory built tank your good to go. You didnt indicate that it was a bow front style aquarium which means its not 15 inches front to back at anyplace other than the middle which would serious effect the calculations which are for a...
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    new tank, glass thickness?

    This tank will be 45 gallons in capacity and according to calculator at GARF will require 1/2 inch glass. Looking at the figures this is most likely due to the 26 inch hight. Lower the hight of the tank and its likely you can drop down to thinner glass. I have built a number of tanks and...
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    Newbie Question

    Plus one to what SWN said about the lights. Thats a good route to go. If the night lights are LED's you can leave them on all night. As far as fish in your 8 gallon is about the limit realistically. Fish are a huge bio-load on a small system. There are some that do somehow...
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    sun coral

    Plus one to what Tim said. They arent that hard but do need to be fed a couple of times a week minimum
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    new set up

    I cant quiet visualize what your explaining but I can hardley think of a way in which a canister filter would be servicable as a return pump I think your time and headaches ahead to just get a over flow box and a pump and go to it. And while its my opinion only...I would keep the 20 gallon...
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    I'm new, Introduction

    Welcome to the forum and glad you found us. Looking forward to having you get your tank started and seeing some pics. In the meantime if you have any question, we have a great crew here and would be happy to assist in any way we can.
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    What is going on with my tank? Algae problem...but water OK

    When I asked the feeding question I was assuming that you werent over feeding, but many flake foods can be high in nitrates and a lot of the juice in frozen food preps can cause issues with water quality. It doesnt really sound like this is a factor in your specific case but just thought I...
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    What is going on with my tank? Algae problem...but water OK

    With this choice in mixing species of clown fish together, especially with a Maroon its no suprise the Ocellaris is looking pummeled. Its something I would expect under the best of circumstances. The short answer on the solution to this is one of them needs to go. The calcium is way too high...
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    Why am I a snail murderer?

    How many snails should you have? Enough to keep one step ahead of algae on the glass and the rocks and anything else. I suggest adding one every week or so until you no longer have algae issues and any that you do have can easily be remedied with glass cleaning magnets. I usually like to...
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    55 in progress

    Nice! Is this a new and bigger tank or is this replacing the 55? Yeah those Manderins will sucker you in everytime. Beautiful fish thats increadibly hard to resist. Its a shame most aquarist dont give them the kinda care they need to survive long term in most tanks or make the mistake of...
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    so......get this

    I think your having really weird dreams again if its any consolation :shock: But thats okay we still love you. Thats a rather interesting trap for Bristle Worms but it sounds like it would work well enough. Too bad I m not in the area I would gladly take all of your bristle worms and...
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    Why am I a snail murderer?

    I would definitely recommend that you get some more snails. Until you can get some snails to survive your most likely wasting money on corals. Plus until you can get the hair algae under control your going to stuggle to keep the corals alive even if you dont have a water chemstry problem. If...
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    I think I made a mistake...

    Oooh, thats not good as these guys are reef safe with caution at best. If its young and small its kinda cool but eventually those shrimp/crabs are "on the menu" :shock: .
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    Why am I a snail murderer?

    I dont think its a case of being too busy as much as it is that you got a tough situation to deal with and ts very difficult to solve some pronblems with out being right there to actually see the tank and test the water personally. You have a new and unstable tank or you have test kits that are...
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    My 7.5G Wave tank

    Im really kinda long have you had the two Goniopora corals? These corals are generally very tough to keep long term in the USA and Japan, with long term being defined as more than a year. I have been able to do it with one in a 75 gallon tank and even got it to bud and create a...
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    Ceramic Rings or just LR filtration???

    Both will hold beneficial bacteria, so lets get that argument out of the way right off the get go. The ceramic rings or what have you will often collect more detris than live rock rubble will in most cases, hence the reason many advocate tossing the cermaic rings in favor of live rock. The...