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  1. J

    175W MH retros for sale (WI)

    price reduced to 300$ for all of it - this is a good deal cause i really need to move these if i have any chance of doing my tank upgrade
  2. J

    175W MH retros for sale (WI)

    hey all haven't been on in a while but i am currently planning a whole new system - i'm bored and need a change so i have to sell off some equipment to afford it you get with each set: 1 ice cap electronic MH ballast 1 high quality PFO mogul socket with quick disconnect 1 brand new in box...
  3. J

    My 9 Gallon Stealth Cube Build

    nice tank and awesome corals question - your stealth plumbing work (very cool BTW) doesn't seem to skim the surface - are you getting a surface film?
  4. J

    Population plan

    very well researched list but a few comments: definitly skip both the daisy and the flowerpot - not very hardy, poor choices, best left in the ocean - substitute a different euphiliad like frogspawn or torch or go with a candy cane The blue ridge and the cap are questionable, they would...
  5. J

    What's the deal with the "Cube" shape?

    the cube shape in nanos is all about base footprint and thereby also surface area. you will notice that none of the nanocubes are really that tall allowing minumal PC lighting to do a fare job with less light demanding hardy corals. another advantage to this shape is if you wanted to high light...
  6. J

    New to nano's, need some help on stocking.

    i have never had a lot of luck with anemones but i know several people who would say just the opposite of this BTA's are far hardier ( try to get the colonial type - they stay smaller and are more likely to survive and reproduce) LTA are true carpets and get too big for a nano, don't reproduce...
  7. J

    "12 gallon" Nano cube holds 7 gallons?

    testing your water is fun and interesting but in my opinion after you are set up and running all you need to monitor in a nano is temperature and salinity. if you do small frequent water changes you will not need to dose or sumpplimate anything. ALK and Ca will be within norms if you are using a...
  8. J

    "12 gallon" Nano cube holds 7 gallons?

    as jesse said i believe the outside dimentions are used and they do not take in acount space lost to filter/equipment - not really a big deal but interesting i always thought they were about 10 actual gallons sounds to me like you were trying to measure your salinity right as/after mixing up...
  9. J

    Jesse's 12g AP w/70 watt Sunpod

    tank looks nice and your new zoas are pretty cool - hows that light doing for colors?
  10. J

    Jesse's 12g AP w/70 watt Sunpod

    cool - glad to see your back up and running :)
  11. J

    Water Flow...

    here is mine - i'm running it stock, no upgrades or mods what so ever. about 5 months in and no probs at all everything is happy, healthy and growing
  12. J

    Pirate's Reef

    cool scape - is that bridge pinned, PVC supported, or other???
  13. J

    MH Suggestions

    with that tank i would just do 4 24" T5 bulbs with individual reflectors and ice cap ballast - no MH neccessary what is the theme of this tank going to be?? i guess that is what is most important in choosing your lights
  14. J

    MH Suggestions

    tough tank to light with MH - wrong shape really, T5's may be a better option but if you want MH i would look at a couple choices: 2 smaller bulbs like DE 150's prob want to go 10K with this route or 1 175 iwaski 15K - this would give a very bright region 1 250 14K like a phoenix
  15. J

    Triggerfreaks 20 long mixed reef.

    nice question though - have you bought the 55 already? if you haven't i would look at some different shaped tanks as 55's just seem to be the wrong shape for a reeftank - very hard to make look nice compared to a wider tank if your going bigger just a thought a 40B, 65, 75, 120 all are nicer...
  16. J


    very nice pics
  17. J

    Jesse's 12g AP w/70 watt Sunpod

    cool - get some water in that thing and run the light cycle - i've always been curious about temp flux - maybe put a fan on the light timer. also you know what would be cool - get an NO strip light and put a 15W actinic coralife bulb (they are the best NO bulbs) and set it behind that MH fixture...
  18. J

    30 breeder

    well erik i just bit the bullet and bought a pair of yashia's and shrimp - i pick them up tomorrow. any final words of advice on acclimating them. i'm a bit worried about them finding each other in the 125. put the shrimp in first or the fish??? what do you think it will be late tomorrow just...
  19. J

    The Red Bug

    yes intercepter is from vets only and yeah that the julian sprung stuff - really works well as a dip
  20. J

    The Red Bug

    it may of helped but the standard treatment for red bugs is intercepter - go to the SPS page on RC and you will find many threads on it. you only have the one so it is not a big deal though as red bugs can only live on acros - the prob is when you have a display full and then bring in an...