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    The place where you live

    Thought I would start a thread that anyone can contribute to that 'shows off' thier home town, favorite holiday spot, local attractions ect. Since we are all from very different parts of the world, I thought it would be interesting for everyone. I'll start. I, like a lot of the new...
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    some new tankmates

    I picked up a couple of little critters while catching some shrimp for my 22 gal. They are now living in the 7.5gal. A painted cray, and a dusky wrasse (yet to confirm) ... terID=5221 The dusky is only about 5-7mm. It's so cool. He's feeding on...
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    My new aptasia treatment.

    Don't know if is completely successful but I think it's all good for now. I noticed my first aptasia last week. SHOCK,,HORROR.. What do I do?? I thought I'll squash it... No, that might make more. What if I break off the LR it's on?....but there is my first bit of coraline right in that...
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    A PICO!

    Couldn't help myself I was desperate to have a crack at a pico. I ordered a coupled of 2 Gal tanks from an online store going out of busines, unfortunately they turned up cracked. 4 bucks down the drain! I picked up 2 small glass tanks from an importer. Pulled one apart and cut the...
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    Some brief advice for begginners Here is a little page with some basic info for people that are very new to reefing or thinking about getting into it. It's not all the info you need to keep a successful tank but it's not a bad start.
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    Not even close to nano!

    Has everyone checked out RC's TOTM? Outrageous, beautiflul and completely self endulgent!
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    Anemone or zoanthid?

    Somebody posted on another site, a pic of a zoa or anemone similar to this but brown in colour a couple of months ago. Not sure of the final answer. I remember at the time that I responded that mine had not multiplied and I didn't think that they could be a threat. Well I have since been...
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    Pico experiment

    The world economic crisis is responsible my latest ebay purchase, 2x2 gallon tanks that an online shop was letting go cheap as it had closed down. I picked them up for 2 bucks each. I have also have 2 hang on filters 500l/per hour ($4) I don't have any experience with pico's so here...
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    Funkngroovy's nano (7.5G)

    Ended up with a few changes from above, I will be using a 15W aqua one 103. Head hight will be 600 mm so that will give me 400l/hr flow and no need for any other power heads in the tank. The display will drain through a durso in the back of the tank with return water entering the same way...
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    Funkngroovy's 22g with sump.

    Not sure if the nano enthusiasts are down with sumps on your tanks. I have one because it is easier for me. I love this site but as I am in Australia I mostly use (Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia) My tank contains snails, urchins (long spined and collector) and hermits...
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    I don't know what size sump pump to get

    I am setting up a 20 Gal cube and using an old 20 gal tank as a sump. I have no clue as to what size pump i will need. Do you think I can get away without any other powerheads if I can bring the inlet up through the bottom of the tank and tee it off in 2 directions???
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    new set up

    hi, I am setting up a new system. I have an established 20 Gal with a canister filter. I want to go down to a 10 Gal cube as a display only and run the 20 Gal as the sump/refugium. Does anyone know if I can use the canister as the pump. eg. the display tank overflows into the sump and the...