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    RO Water

    wow, that's amazing considering how horrible tap water is and what it introduces to your tank. glad you got the RO system in. I'd probably do more than 10%
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    Zoa problems

    not sure who the resident experts are anymore. I posted from back in the days in 2005/2006 I believe, lol I did a google search for you and found this. Maybe it will help you. 1. Allelopathy. 2. Zoa pest like: Sundial Snail, Nudibranch, Zoa Spider. 3. Low nutrients (tank too clean)...
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    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Happy Holidays!
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    Flower photos taken with Eddy's (Edgray) D70

    Such the photo artist. Very nice shots bud.
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    My 9 Gallon Stealth Cube Build

    Wow those pics are sharp. I like the coloration you have in there.
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    Photos of my 24NCDX....all may be lost next week:(

    that's a shame. You have such a nice looking tank and inhabitants.
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    72 Oceanic Reef Ready Bow Front Evolution...

    Hey Brother Mike, what happened to the pics? In a few months it will be a year since you last posted, haha. Curious to see what has changed in the tank given so much time has gone by.
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    Jesse's 12g AP w/70 watt Sunpod

    Hey Jesse, Long time my friend. Glad to see you are still actively in the scene and producing very nice photos of your tank. I just went through all the pages, and had to log in real quick and pay you a compliment. Take it easy buddy.
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    Lungless Frog!!!!

    :shock: that's cool
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    stand for 6 gal nanocube?

    when i used to have my 6 gallon nano, i used to have it on my old 12 nanocube stand, and it didn't look too bad I thought.
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    Dragon79 Happy Birthday!

    haha, I'm still alive! It's great being 102 years old! I check in from time to time, but sometimes forget to login. My brother tells me so much about the site that I have to check back and see how everybody is doing. Thanks for remembering me guys. Jesse you still you have my number. Hit...
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    72 Oceanic Reef Ready Bow Front Evolution...

    Glad you are having fun brother. Nicer touch that you got your wife to do it too. Also the tank pics are looking good. Colorful like always :)
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    Yeah, I wouldn't blame you. I did the same thing as a mistake, and had to take it back right away as it would expand and take over my 12 gallon (at the time) and sting the hell out of everything. Best trade to that is the short tentacle plate. it will do quite nicely in your tank. Best...
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    Two shots from my 20L

    Ya, the only really cool macro shot i used to see were the ones Incysor used to post... Yours are certainly superb though, thanks for sharing!
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    Happy Birthday Steven!!

    hehe, yah, it's great to be 101, hehe. I feel like I am 27 :) Thanks guys!! I am going to celebrate today over at Fountain Valley Bowling alley at 2pm. Woo hoo. Pizza and beer!
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    New Internet Explorer 7.0

    IE7 is a way of catching up to what's already out. It's better than staying behind. I use IE7 with no problems, and I have it set to open my favorite websites each time I open my browser :P
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    JBJ 6 Gallon for sale ($200 firm) (locals only, pickup plz)

    I still have a frogspawn, a short tentacle plate, yellow polyps, and brain still available. Let me know. frogspawn 10 bucks plate coral: 30 bucks brain: 10 bucks polyps: 5 bucks. Have somebody coming for my tank, the stand and equipment this weekend, so if you locals out there want...
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    JBJ 6 Gallon for sale ($200 firm) (locals only, pickup plz)

    Not sure if plate would fit or not, the actual plate of it is small, but when it expands, it gets quite bigger. Gobies are looking for a home for sure. Come by today. Call me on my cell and if I dont pick up leave a message. I'll PM you my number.
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    JBJ 6 Gallon for sale ($200 firm) (locals only, pickup plz)

    Aww conn! I wish i knew before. I already included that stand and tank and equipment to him as I stated in the post. The only thing I can part out are the coral and fish. Should things change or he decides he doesnt want it anymore then I'll go into parting things out to make it easier to...