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    dieing aussie acan

    It looks like my Aussie acan is dieing and I was wondering what is going on. It is currently on the bottom of my 24g aquapod. Is it not getting enough water movement? My parameters are good. The only thing that I can think of is my dwarf angle is picking on it but I have not seen it go near...
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    free floating micro algea

    Any suggestions on how to get rid of free floating micro algae besides water changes. All my parameters are dead on and the all the critters are happy and growing.
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    24g Aquapod

    So after a month of waiting for this thing to cycle and the funky cloud, that I posted about in another thread, to go away I finally introduced a fish. I added a purple firefish and 4 turbo snails to the tank. Once the LFS gets in dwarf hermits they will be going in next. I'm going to wait a...
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    water clearity

    It is about a week and a half since I set up my 24g aquapod. I tested everything last night to see where everything was at for cycling period. I come home from work to find that there looks to be a cloudy haze in the water. What could this be? I have nothing in the tank yest except for macro...
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    spread sheets

    I remember see someone post a spread sheet for tank parameters to help keep track of water quality. I can't find it again :( and was hoping someone would be nice enough to post theirs that they made or found.
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    additives for corals

    I was wondering what people's experiences were with what types of additives you like to use for corals. I see so many different brands and different combinations of major, minor, and trace elements that I was wondering what ones to consider and what to avoid when making my selection.
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    what to put in the filter?

    I'm setting up a 24g aquapod with the compact florescent bulbs and was wondering what material(s) would be the right combination. I plan on putting in LR and LS for biological filtration, which leaves mechanical and chemical filtration. If I'm and idiot and the information is in another post...