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    10 gal zoanthid lighting ?

    hey, fairly new to the site so this will also be my formal HELLO lol. i started up my 10 gal again on Oct. 1 and plan to do a mainly zoanthid tank. i currently have 2 10w PC lights (1x10000k day, 1xactinic) and was looking to change/upgrade to a 150w MH with 2 22w t5 actinic. is that too strong...
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    Fresh 10Gal

    Just want to start off by saying Hey, this is my 3rd aquarium overall, 2nd nanotank. i also have a 65gal. Started in October 1/10. So far i have about 20LB LR, 3 in LSB Running aquaclear 70 fuge with rubble, and chaeto. I will be more specific on water parameters and such when livestock...