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    Jesse's 12g AP w/70 watt Sunpod

    lookin good jess when you plan to have the true unvail w/ livestock? :cool1:
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    replacement parts?

    the fan on my aquapod has started to act up so plan on replacing it my ? is where is the best place to buy parts or can I use one from radio shack ( being that is a salt tank does it really matter?
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    stacking rock

    in a post i made a week ago I asked if i may have to worry as to flipping some of my rock over the response was informative ( not so much on what I asked but on another yet similar subject ) stacking rock the response on this was very informative as too how some people are doing this...
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    flipping rock

    just redid our tank to make more room in it for future additions (the misses wants more things but doesn't want to have another tank ) lol so removed about 15 lbs of rock ( now in qt tank) so now we have plenty of room for some new additions in doing so we reset alot of the rock but all...
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    been thinking about adding some mangroves to our fuge but havent found much info on depth to plant (seedling in depth of sand or how much of planf to have exposed to air )I would believe most of the plant should be out of water .....or can it be completely submerged except for the very top...
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    When will my water clear?

    also this my sound out of place but try doing a water change of 50% this will help and as you have not been using this water( that you removed) you can set it off to the side let it settle then skim off the clear water & later reuse it hope this helps & best of luck on your tank
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    When will my water clear?

    when you added the carbon pack did you first rinse it :?: if not this too could also add to your cloudiness most likely though it is just a lot of fine particles in the water creating your problem :cry: so as they say go slow in time it will dissipate & all will be fine I'm sure...
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    nitrates up!!

    that about hits mine on the head shrimp molted 2 days after water change 1 day after testing checked it other day way up
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    well as it turns out this shroom is infact crawling off its rock right now he's only holding on by a thread of his base but it also looks like he may be trying to attach himself to the other rock most weird in my view what would cause this to happen ( i have know clue ) all I can do...
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    led moonlight idea

    if you use a drill on them ( small one though you can created a built in reflector that way dispersing even a wider area of light verses a flat top
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    changing carbon in 24 cube

    well then I should be ok on this as I am chanring it every 3rd sunday so shopuld be right on like thanx jesse you ggreat for info
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    making my own sump w/fuge

    for those of you who have them or have made one my ? is I would like to have a charcoal filter in it to help reduce toxins so the ? I have is would it be better to have it located before the fuge or after ( between fuge & return pump or between inlet to fuge ) this way it will also...
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    changing carbon in 24 cube

    with all the literature we get when we buy these tanks you would think they atleast give you some type of recamendations as to how often to change your filter media & carbon bags anyone have any ideas?
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    had the same problem w/ one of my clowns what I did was use a watwr bottle w/top cut off to make larger opening a couple of holes to tie on some string apiece of rock inside to keep from floating to top / alittle food & presto fish inside grab string to remove bottle now back inside...
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    does any ony know if they come in a red shade ?
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    awesome picts/ wow......... now I want to go out & get some more the variety of colors is superb right now we only have the one one & it still looks like it's moving a little it's a grayish green color about 1-1/4 inches in size but the way he is now can only see his (her) side & bottom...
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    aiptasia anemones

    I have one cleaner shrimp in the tank so how would he do with a peppermint shrimp would they get along :roll:
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    maybe thats what is happening it could be breaking off because now that you mention it it is stretching & I can see a goodly part of the base will deff keep an eye on it over the next few days :idea:
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    wow momma (the misses ) surprized me again she picked up a ricordea mushroom for the tank my ? is though it seems he wants to be moving from the rock he came in on or is this my imagination it really does look like he is slowly moving off his old rock & onto the larger rock his...
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    aiptasia anemones

    would it be better to remove the rocks it is on to do this in a seperate tank thatway no other creatures get injured in the process :oops: :?: