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    replacement parts?

    the fan on my aquapod has started to act up so plan on replacing it my ? is where is the best place to buy parts or can I use one from radio shack ( being that is a salt tank does it really matter?
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    stacking rock

    in a post i made a week ago I asked if i may have to worry as to flipping some of my rock over the response was informative ( not so much on what I asked but on another yet similar subject ) stacking rock the response on this was very informative as too how some people are doing this...
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    flipping rock

    just redid our tank to make more room in it for future additions (the misses wants more things but doesn't want to have another tank ) lol so removed about 15 lbs of rock ( now in qt tank) so now we have plenty of room for some new additions in doing so we reset alot of the rock but all...
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    been thinking about adding some mangroves to our fuge but havent found much info on depth to plant (seedling in depth of sand or how much of planf to have exposed to air )I would believe most of the plant should be out of water .....or can it be completely submerged except for the very top...
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    making my own sump w/fuge

    for those of you who have them or have made one my ? is I would like to have a charcoal filter in it to help reduce toxins so the ? I have is would it be better to have it located before the fuge or after ( between fuge & return pump or between inlet to fuge ) this way it will also...
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    changing carbon in 24 cube

    with all the literature we get when we buy these tanks you would think they atleast give you some type of recamendations as to how often to change your filter media & carbon bags anyone have any ideas?
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    wow momma (the misses ) surprized me again she picked up a ricordea mushroom for the tank my ? is though it seems he wants to be moving from the rock he came in on or is this my imagination it really does look like he is slowly moving off his old rock & onto the larger rock his...
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    where do I go

    would like to be able to download pict to my threads but foundout all picts need to be on a public domain where can I go to down load these so they maybe seen on this site please help
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    new finds in tank

    was just playing w/ my tank an ran across some additions I didn't know I had 1 asteria star about 3/8 inch in size kind of cool & glad to find out they like to eat algea also found 3 count them yup 3 spionid worms attached to a small piece of rock I picked up a couple of weeks ago...
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    fuge lighting

    I want to build a 10 glln fuge for our 40 gallon tank I have a 500 gph pump I will be using but my ? is what wattage lighting do I need for this I have our old hood for the 10 glln which will take either a 15 or 25 watt light or should I go with one of the newer compacts out on the market...
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    aiptasia anemones

    right now I count 4 aiptasia anemone in my tank I read on one site that these are very bad but I do like to watch this thing should I really heed what I read & try to remove all from my tank or is this an item that can be kept in check ? :pom
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    yukkkk during water change

    just did a water change of about 30% after which i noticed a lot of stringy looking spiderweb yuk Ibelieve i read on one of the post a whileback that this was some type of algea but not sure if this is what I have after a few days though it seems to have dissapated other than this the...
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    AQUAPOD 24

    JUST RECIVED E-MAIL SAYING MY NEW TANK WILL ARRIVE ON WENS ORDERED THE 24 GLLN AQUAPOD now for the best mods this unit only has dual 32 watt lights & standard equipt ? is which mod is the best for this unit going to add a new pump / extra pump for more flow think I want to...
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    red sea max 34 gallon

    drsfostersmith has new 34 gallon nano/pod type tank w/ 110 watt light & a bunch of other goodies for 599.00 has anyone else seen this tank & or know anythink about redsea max34 the system is said to come w/ twin power heads and is pre set for chiller hook up sounds like jbj has...
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    20 gallon pre drilled

    was at my lfs today ( getting paid ) & the owner showed me one of her old tanks shes getting rid of its a 20 gallon 36 x 10 in for 20$ does anyone think this is as good a deal as it sounds / she had it set up as a salt tank but is changing out some of her displays for some more room...
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    I know that most of us believe we need live rock most sites that we read tell us we need between 1-1.5 lbs per gallon of water but what if we were to have 2 or more lbs per gallon as long as we have the proper circulation in our tanks would it hurt us ( besides in the pocketbook) to have...
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    MY SALINITY IS 1.027

    what is the best way to lower the salinity value if it is too high should reg ro/ water or distilled water be used all the water I bought for my qt tank is at 1.027 & I would like it to match our other tank as close as possible ran out of salt mix so opted for pre mix catalina...
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    new qt tank

    just picked up a new 10 gallon tank ( 14.99$) couldnt resist so going to use as a qt tank for next batch ofm lr. I know its small but should hold 25 lbs of rock during cycle time ( dont you think?) have one of our old whisper #5 puts out about 425 gph / tank came with a hood & 2 - 15...
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    I picked up a great looking piece of rock today I thought of using as a centerpiece in our fresh tank( 40 glln) but thought before I did this I might see if anyone had any ideas as to how best ( if I chose not to use in fresh tank) to turn into live rock its about 12 lbs w/ lots of nooks &...
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    idea on a new fuge filter

    just a thought I have a whisper 50 I thought about making into a mini fuge w/ a removable skimmer my thought is to make the skimmer replaceable so it could be removed for cleaning in doing so I know most skimmers have what I would consider a large passthrough area but what I was...