24 gallon NanoCube DX, stand, MH lighting, extras MUST GO


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Im selling my Nanocube because I will be moving, and have lost the interest in keeping for right now. Must sell ASAP.


24 Gallon Nanocube DX
Cherry wood stand with black glass front
150 watt MH Corallife MH light (still have box, new, only 5 month old)
4 blue moon lights attached to MH (5 months old)
ATO Automatic top off (still have box, instructions, new 5 months old)
Rio hyperflow pump for ATO chamber
plastic cage for ATO sensor thats in tank (keep snails from triggering it)
Corallife automatic timer that runs everything, switches from daytime/nighttime
All power cords/strips
Small 6 inch fan (if you want it), that clips on top
Saltwater test kit stuff, hydrometer.... all supplements such as bi onic and purple up, misc. medications such as aptasia x.
5 gallon cooler that holds ATO water, all plumbing included.
small rio mini that I place in first chamber to help draw in more water (it works)
I did replace stock pump with a rio, but unsure what size. Whatever it is, its working great.
digital temp probe


30-40# Live sand, oolite
Approx 35# live rock, well established. From 5 yr old tank, sponges, tunicates, mini feather dusters
2 large groups of yellow polyps, growing like crazy
couple sections of pulsating xenia
brown coral of some sort (see pics)
brown and neon green coral of some sort, large piece (see pics)
large 4 x6 galaxy coral, doing great. Has barnacle in middle that constantly feeds, kinda neat
frag of a hard plate like coral thats orange (common, but dont know name)
Ocellaris clownfish pair that WILL host a bubbletip anenome. They were hosting mine, but anenome got sucked into filter, and have not replaced.
Yellow fairy wrasse
Banded coral Shrimp
Large black spiny sea urchin
bright orange starfish (dont know what kind, but doing great for past 5 months)
sand sifting starfish
good clean up crew of snails and blue legged hermit crabs
Large tube feather duster

Located in Ft. Myers, FL. I HAVE PHOTOS, but if your really interested, please email me via [email protected]. If your serious, I'll take the time to send you photos. All items are in excellent condition, barely used. Tank itself is 3 years old, but has been up and running for 6 months now. Doing wonderful. This tank is as easy as it gets. I DO NOTHING really, other than just to make sure the ATO top off resivoir has fresh water in it for the evaporation. I travel a lot as I work on a Mega yacht, and leave for weeks at a time. I only have to to have someone feed every couple days and put distilled water in top off cooler once every 2 weeks. The timer runs everything, and turns off lights and turns on night lights, runs fan during day, off at night, and runs ATO system 24 hours.

This is a no brainer set up that a beginner would enjoy, or an easy tank for someone experienced to do more with.

I would like to sell everything together, because its up and running so I cannot part it out.

No shipping, must pick up.

Asking $500 FIRM!!

Thanks for looking,



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Sorry to hear you getting out of the hobby for now. I hope you get back in soon!

Great deal by the way. :cry:


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I love the tank, but I just dont have time to devote to it. I feel it could be better utilized by someone with the money and time. My tank is about as self sufficient as they come, but it could be so much better. Its a great hobby, but I have a tendency to get into it when moneys good and I can afford it, and then lose interest when I cannot afford to put the really cool corals into it and such.

I think its a good deal. Hopefully someone else will think so too!