29-gal Reef Tank for sale - CLOVIS, NM


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Getting divorced, moving from NM to MI and cannot take the tank with me. Complete 29-gallon Reef tank for sale - you buy, you move it. Comes with tank, stand, all equipment, chemicals, and extra aquarium stuff that I have. While this tank is small, more can be added to the tank as far as corals and such. Anyways.....SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, PLEASE - zip me a PM or an email. I am in Clovis, NM, which is 250 miles from Albuquerque NM, 110 miles from Lubbock TX and 100 miles from Amarillo TX. This tank is almost 2 years old.

ASKING $800 - (although I have over $1700 tied up in this tank)


29-gallon Marineland tank (brown trim)
Matching Oak stand (matches tank)
Emporer 280 filter
Red Sea Prism - 18 blade - protein skimmer
200W Hydromax saltwater heater
1 light strip with 20W 50/50 light
1 Coralife Aqualight 65W power compact strip light
Glass hood
2 powerheads
Floating hydrometer

Live Goods

45 lb. live rock (with beautiful growth and color)
40 lb. live sand substrate

Inverts and fish:

1 cleaner shrimp
1 emerald crab
1 sand sifting starfish
1 small feather duster (pink)
1 gold banded (tank raised) maroon clownfish
1 firefish goby
1 bubble tip anemone


1 candy cane coral
1 pagoda cup coral
1 HUGE fuzzy mushroom
1 purple starburst coral (small)
1 yellow colony polyp coral
1 maroon colony polyp coral
1 Solomon Island Zoanthid
1 Hammerhead coral
4 Pulsating Xenia's (1 rock, 4 separate polyps)
7+ mushrooms