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Couldn't help myself

I was desperate to have a crack at a pico. I ordered a coupled of 2 Gal tanks from an online store going out of busines, unfortunately they turned up cracked. 4 bucks down the drain!

I picked up 2 small glass tanks from an importer.

Pulled one apart and cut the glass to make an all in one pico.

It will have a display of approximately 8.1 litres, with a small DSB and a return section with a 5w sump pump and some carbon.

As you can see, I have siliconed the bottom and back then thrown some coral sand around so I don't have to worry about a background or substrate.

I am planning on using a flat piece of LR to lean on an angle from top to bottom and attach the corals to that.

I am thinking mushies around the bottom, some xenia in the middle and some zoas up the top to finish it off.

The dimensions are 300mm tall, almost 300mm long and 190mm wide. This allows me to have a full 6 inch DSB plus room for macro.with some decent depth of water also.

I will kick it off in a couple of weeks once the silicone has fully cured with some live sand and LR from one of my other tanks. Should be a short cycle so I can get stuck into after that.

wish me luck!


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Neat! I like the coral sand on the back, that's really different! :) I'm sure it's going to be an awesome tank~


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Nice! I love it when people build their own tanks. It shows how easy a pico can be made! How long did it take?


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Update, the tank is now up and running for A bit over a month. The DSB and Live Rock is from my other tanks so I didn't see a cycle.

I will be adding a few blue LED's to bring the colour out a bit more. I have some mushie frags in my main tank that will be added when they are stable.



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I did a little carpentry work a few years ago, that makes me laugh, the first thing I looked at was the cabinet. but I think it looks fine. think about it, after working all day, you don't want to come home and do the same job. Reefing is suposed to be relaxing. I'm glad you updated this thread, I really wanted to see what it looked like up and running. so tell me this, how do you cut glass, I thing that would be the hard part for me.


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Glass cutting is fairly easy and cheap to do.

You can buy a glass cutter at most hardware stores. You need the type that uses oil as a lubricant, the cheaper ones are crap. Then it is simply a matter of scoring the glass with the cutter, and the glass will snap along that line.

there will be a hundred 'how to' clips on youtube.

I hope this shows that getting a little tank together does not have to be expensive.s

This one 'owes' me about $40. Creating your own All In One allows you to build the tank YOU want. I think it looks better than those with plastic lids/frames ect.