added light now one coral not opening


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I added a 96w coral life light to my 10g nano and all my corals and fish and such love it except seems to be this one particual coral it was opening beauitfuly until I added the light I was wondering if anyone knows the specifics of this one coral like what it likes and doesnt like I am not sure what the name of it is so I am attaching a picture to help Identify it. all my water par are in the normal range they have been about the same since I started the tank so I dont think that could be it.



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see your post in 911 section

Corals take time to adjust to any changes in lighting especially when you go from a weaker source to a stronger source of light no worries here , give it time .Another thing to cosider is to adapt and adjust times that they are exposed to the light , this should help you out . Worry not give it time and all should be ok for you .................... :mrgreen:


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and dont worry does kind of shrooms are weird mine can extend to almost 4-5 times their size and sometimes are really small for unknow reason some say cause when is hungry will extend fully ......and well what you got there is a HAIRY LAVANDER SHROOM you can see my tank a have alot of them and they split like crazy well mine do so dont worry give it time and it will expand fully but in your pic the shroom looks nice and healthy i dont see something is wrong with it.


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IMO Sadie has hit the nail on the head, give the coral time to adjust to the increased lighting, if it still is drawn up after a week or so you may try finding a slightly shaded place for it.