are there any invert and coral-safe meds?


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Howdy! I don't have any fish in my reef yet, and so thankfully, no illness, but like to be prepared. Are there any medicines that are safe with inverts and coral? I know antibiotics are bad news and you have to be careful with copper (and I've got a 65g freshwater planted tank that I'm used to dousing with everything).

so...if i'm putting in an order for some fishy supplies, is there a general med I should have in my tool belt?




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Hey Jen,

I'm not too sure about medications, but two things I would get are:

Garlic exteme, it helps finicky eaters and can help with ick problems
Lugols solution - Used to dip new Softies, Leathers, and SPS to clear pests BEFORE they go in your tank. I usually dip all of my new corals with this before I set them in the tank.

Not sure as far as other meds but these can help prevent some things. I have had good experiences with both of the products I mention above.

A recommendation also would be to purchase a small 5.5 gallon or 10 gallon depending on your space, and have it set aside(empty) for emergency situations for fish in the case u need to use copper or other meds on your fish, this way it does not disturb your main tank, or you don't have to worry about what can and can't be used). I have a spare 2.5 gallon for myself, just in case I get a sick coral I can take it out and house it by itself to treat it.

Hope that helps some.


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There is a product called distinct-C which u can purcahse online. A few drops of them can fix a lot of problem. they are suitable for salt and fresh water fish. I used a few drops in my tank it revived the fish really quick. It also cure something called ichyvitis.. can remember the name. Another good thing about this is it make your fish more friendly..

It turned my clown from an aggressive territorial jerk to a social swimmer! It also claimed improve fish with anorexia lol.. but it doesn't seems to have any effects in this case on my fish. They still aren't eating for some reason... They'd prefer to eat the growth on the live rock and nutrious protein pellets.