Cadlights 22G For Sale, w/ Livestock & Equipment


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I am going to be moving out of town soon and don't want to carry my tank with. I have had the tank since October 2009 - so it's fairly new. Tank details are as follows -

Tank: Cadlights 22G w/Full size refugium w/T5H.O. LEDHO (96W)
Equipment: MP10, Koralia Nano, Azoo Cooling Twin Fans, Oceanic UV sterilizer w/ extra bulb, Oceanic protein skimmer, Aqueon heater w/ lifetime guarantee, Includes the [email protected] pump that comes with the tank and also the Rio+ 600 I use for the UV sterilizer, refugium 9w light, JBJ Refractometer, pH600 Manufactured by Milwaukee Instruments, digital thermometer.
Misc: Dosing powder for Kl and Ca, Tropic Marin sea salt (8.8lbl), chemi pure, phosguard, food (dry and frozen), medication, magfloat cleaner, siphon equipment, 3 5g water jugs, 2 5g buckets, stand, nets...etc.
Coral: About 15-20 pieces of mostly soft coral - mushrooms, pulsating xanias, duncans, frogspawn, polyps, trumpet, purple digatata, red capricornis, green toadstool etc.
Fish etc: Small blue tang, black ocellaris, yellow coris wrasse, geometric hawk, firefish, high fin red banded goby, turbo/nassarius/astrea/red hermits/emerald green crab, 1 red mangrove, Live rock (20+ lbs) and Sand included.

Plus: 10g quarantine tank w/ cover, pump, filter, heater etc.

Almost like new - All for $600 obo.

Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley pick up only. Please ping me if interested.