coralife 50/50 in a JBJ refugium lamp?


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Hi all,

We already have a 29 gal reef tank running and now are wanting to convert our 5 gal fluval chi into a pico reef. I'm looking at lighting options and heard someone suggest a JBJ refugium lamp with the bulb replaced with a coralife 50/50. I'm wondering if anyone has done this and if it's successful?

Also, for the 5 gal, do I need to buy the 15W JBJ and put in the 10 W coralife? or would the 25 W JBJ replaced with the 20 W coralife be better for this type of tank? I'm looking to grow mushrooms, lowlight corals, and maybe some not too aggressive soft corals like duncans and am afraid the 20 W might be too strong.