D-D JBJ 28 gal Nano Cube - Toothadash


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D-D JBJ 28 gal Nano Cube & Stand
Phos Reactor
100 GPD 4 Stage RO with DI stage
Handheld TDS meter
D-D Refractometer
Tunze Nano Stream 6025
Hydro Koralia Nano's x 2
LED kit for lighting Cheato
Salifert Test Kits: Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Ph, Mag, Kh, Cal

Reef Crystals
XXX Carbon
Filter Floss
100 Watt Heater

Caribsea Live Sand 20lb
LR 10kg
6 Red Hermits & 6 Black Foot Snails
Marble Snail
Pom Pom Crab


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Alot of Xenia appeares on the LR and looks like its going to take over :lighting

The empty shells are for the hermits in case they decide to move home lol!

Phos reactor with Rowa bubbling over nicely :stonight



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Nice! For the ROWA make sure it's a gently bubble over. If it's too rough then the media can be pulverized and the dust can wreck havok on corals.

GREAT coralline growth on those rocks.


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I had looked around various shops and all the true percs from TMC etc seem to be very pale? These were twice the price but the colourings are great :gcool



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toothadash said:
Not to sure, they were the only pair in the display tank though :)
you can tell if they are a mated pair when one starts nagging the other one to death and then complains that their anemone is too small and they need a larger one in a better community!!!


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I changed one of the pumps from the back to a MJ 1200 and am now using the old standard pump to mix salt on my water changes.

I have taken one of the two koralia nano ph's out and replaced with a koralia 1 and the overal flow is now great!


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Nice additions. From what I can tell those are the black and white ocellaris clowns. As the get older they will get darker and darker if I am right.