Don't buy scraper for non-cube use this!!! SHAMPOW!!!!

crabby Mike

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I have always hated the day when it comes to clean the inside glass of my 12 gallon jbj matter what scraper I used I would always end up putting my hand and half an arm in to scrape or scratch off that hard to get spot....that is until not the towel but a bottle cap from a 2 litter soda. (Yes that right a free soad bottle top!) Just place hollow side to glass and move slowly around in a circular or side-to-side motion....and SHampow!!!! ***Clean it will be ---clear to SEE!*** SHAMPOW! "And as far as the wet hands and arms it's going to happen anyway right??? Save the money for the scraper and buy some fags! SHAMPOW!!!!


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Hmm thats cool. I'll have to give it a try sometime. I must say that I love my nimble nano magnet cleaner. There isnt much that it cant clean off...

I have the Super nano for my 12g AP and it works even on the bent glass corners.