Dosing magnesium


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Just discoved that my magnesium is pretty low- 1000. Just bought a test kit for this yesterday (i didn't know that mag should be tested) Anyway, I started supplementing today. Could low mag be the cause of my candy cane coral bleaching? It just started to bleach earlier this week and I've been trying to figure out the problem ever since, my guess is low mag. Is this correct? My pH has also been low at 7.8 and haven't been able to get it higher than that without buffer but it drops back down next day. Could this also be due to low mag? Thanks for the help!

pH: 8.0 today, ammonia: 0, nitrite: 0, nitrates: 5, calcium; 480, KH: 14
salinity: 0.24-0.25, temp is 80 and its a 10 gallon
-I also supplement with kent coral-vite once and week and spot feed corals twice a week with cyclops

Does anybody else dose mag in a nano? I was told this wasn't a good idea but I don't see how I can avoid it without killing my candy cane coral