F/S....BioCube 29 w/150 w HQI...


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....and 2-bulb compact flourescent fixture w/fan.
upgraded sump pump from original
Koralia 2 and Koralia Nano
25 lbs live rock
coral gravel
100 w heater/digital thermometer
All test kits
ATO top-off and sump (fits in stand)
Numerous accesories (media bags, bio cubes & balls, if you want them,etc.)
18 months old, everything works, approx. 6 months on the 150w/14K bulb
$1400 invested... asking $500
Tampa bay area....can deliver or for pickup.
PM for photos, have a few corals for sale as well..
16 head Duncan (grew from 3 heads in 8 months)...$100
12 head Frogspawn---$40
40-plus head golden brown Caulastrea...$40
Brownish green Lobo brain coral..approx. 5" dia...$25
Kenyan tree coral...free to purchaser of another coral
Anthellia colonys...free to purchaser of another coral.
Green rock anemone..." " "
Can't ship coral, pick up in area only
PM for photos or questions.