feeding corals


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Good day all

20 Gallon nano 5 years old live snad bed and rock
Several Corallimorphs, Flower Anemone and 2 Eco-Gorgs
bi colored blenny and damsel

Hereing buzz about feeding these corals, was always under the assumption
they grew from lighting. Which my corallimorphs have done.

I already feed the Anemone frozen mysis, have been told this should be replaced with Euphausia Pacifica - if I can find it.

Your opinion, should I be feeding the others, if so what

Thank you for any help


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I feed my corals. I use different products but usually reef nutrition brand. I like oyster feast and roti feast. They are very small particulates of food. I feed them every 2-3 days. I have mushrooms, monti, zoas, star polyp, xenias, Jedi mind trick and an acro.


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Most corals also benefit from regular feedings of one or two times weekly. Do a little research on whats in your tank and feed them food of the appropriate size and type.