First Tank 29gallon biocube stock?



Hey I just got my first tank, Live rock has been in a week and I added a few damsels(4) and a psuedo(1), or whoever you spell it. I've been reading and reading and I'm getting mixed results on putting a Dwarf Lionfish into my 29gallon biocube. I also like clownfish and Firefish. I had my heart on a lionfish since I started looking at getting into saltwater but I don't want it to be the ONLY fish in my tank if i get it, if i can even put it in it. What type of lion would be good and what other options would I have to put into it? $ isn't a problem, and obviously I won't be adding them until the tank cycles. But help. Please. What are my options here. Tank is stock with about 30 pounds of live rock in there also. Will follow up with a picture of the setup.

Lauras nanos

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you have only had the tank going for a week and put 5 fish in it you are going to have problems if not immediately then certainly down the line. The name of this game is s-l-o-w!

Did your LFS tell you to cycle with that many fish? If so find a new store. Most people do not cycle with fish it is cruel and not necessary, live rock and time is what you need to cycle.

To answer your question imho I don't think even the dwarf lion fish should go into a 29 gal tank. Keep in mind with sand and rock displacement and the space in the back it is not even really 29 gallons.

Keep reading and have patience.