Fluval Edge ligting options, need opinion

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So I have a freshwater fully planted fluval edge with stock LED lights that run 4000K and low light happy plants and tiny happy fish. I love this tank so much.

Now I want a sister tank next to it. A Reef tank. Yup...I'm crazy.

The only corals I will be attempting will be green mushrooms, easy zoas, and a friend of mine is going to give me a little frag of pulsing xenia. All over a base of high quality live rock. I plan to only have the live rock and coral in a little 'mountain' directly under the light hood (so I don't have to worry about evenly lighting the tank, I like the spotlight effect.

So, here is my question.

Should I A)

Replace the stock lights with high power LED stock lights: http://www.ledwholesalers.com/store/ind ... ductId=541
And then place a Extreme Moonlight in between: http://www.thatpetplace.com/pet/group/23640/product.web
Cost about: 60$.

Or should I B )

Bite the proverbial bullet and just create a 'new hood' over the new Coralife Aqualight HO T5 Mini, which is 6W of one 10K and one Atinic: http://www.marineandreef.com/Coralife_A ... _s/580.htm

Cost about... well let's just say 60$.

Another option for me C )

would be to replace the stock lights with LED and then add strips of Daylight and Atinic LED. More white light, more money more like 80$.

I *want* to have the sleek look of the fluval!, but I *want* nice coral too! Ack! My hope is that my first option is enough of the right light to grow the really easy zoas.


Oh, I'll also be adding a 25 watt Fluval heater, and a small Super Flow: http://www.fosterandsmithaquatics.com/p ... tid=20171a