Frogspawn sick?


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I've had a frogspawn in my tank for about 6 months now, it had 1 mouth when i bought it. Since i've havd it in my tank it grew two more mouths that are both on the same head and have not fully split yet and looked like it was doing fine untill about 3 weeks ago i started to notice beetween the two new mouths on the new head was swelling up like a blister...when you look down in the swollen translucent bubble it looks all nasty like little white and black particles. it been like this for a while now and i popped the bubble once but it seems to have done water quality is fine. Is this some kind of disease? should i remove it fron the tank? Also one last question. I also have a chunk of live rock with a bunch of those little daisies on it (ya know the light brown ones with the green centers that grow over the rock with a vinelike structure) i have also had this in my tank for about 6 months and i've noticed a large spot becoming bare and looking like its covered in a brown dust. About every 2 days i have been squirting it under water with a turkey baster to get all of this dust off of there something im doing wrong? any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sorry i have no pics camera difficulties :(