FS~Local PU only in Phoenix Az~~ Live Sand and..


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About 20lbs of Live Sandand rock in a bucket and ready for you to pick up! It's the good stuff, not from Petsmart, Pink Ooligate sand with shell fragments and coral rubble (it's dry by now) the live rock is tonga Branch coral. PLUS you get lots of useful extras to help you start your own nano reef:
-Reef Dip
-Aquascape Epoxy
-Ph/Alkalinty Test
-Calcium Test
-Afew Misc. Scoops/Syringes for doseing/feeding

All the stuff is full/ in rarely used condition and has plenty of use still left in it. Except for the sand...it came out of my nano that was up and running for 5 years.

Letting it go for just $40