Help!! What is wrong with my polyps?


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Weird things all of a sudden have happen in my tank.My Clown looked very sick. Top fin looked a bit white and he was swimming around hysterically. So we added some aqua plus for his fins as we couldn't think of anything else to do. An hour later he was much better. At the same time my polyps haven't opened up for 4 days . I checked all my levels and everything is fine. Ph 8.2,Nitrite 0, Ammonia 0, Nitrate 0, Phospate 0. Sometimes when I blow them they will open up very little. The sand, just recently would turn a bit brown. So I have blown them everyday but would come back the next ( not sure if it's anything to do with it?). I use treated tap water. But not R/O or DI. I have no clue what is going on and I know it's hard for other to figure out too. But please help if you have any advise.



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to start we need some information.
1. How old is your tank and how long have you had these polyps and the clown?
2. What is your specific gravity?
3. what kind of lighting are you using?
4. what kind of salt are you using?
5. Do you have any other coral?

1st thing is stop using treated tap water. Treating your water with aqua plus doesn't get the bad stuff out of the water. All it does from my understanding is nutralize the chlorine. this is fine for fresh water tanks with sturdy fish, but purchase RO water at the very least for a reef tank.

I don't know anything about the water quality in Canada, but if it's similar to what we have coming out of our faucet I wouldn't let it anywhere near my tank.

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Did you added the Aqua plus directly to the tank or it was disolved in tap water?Adding some products directly to the tank some times can be very bad for invertebrates and also to the bacterias that transform your bad stuff to good ones.


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My tank has been running for 9 months now.
The Polyps and clowns have been in there for 8 months.
Salinity: 1.022
lights:2-24 Watts
salt: instant ocean
No other coral as I just want this tank to be stable first. I still feel very new to this. :roll:
It almost looks like some brown algae is starting to cover them. (I guess cause they haven't opened for awhile.) Small parts are coming off now. I almost lost them the 4months ago; they looked like they were really dying and shriveling up, so I add some vitamin and amino acid supplement and they healed up very quickly and sprung out lots of new heads. But now it's different.
Our water here is pretty good. Drinkable straight from the tap. But I will try using RO water, maybe it will also help reduce the hair algae.

Yeah I did add aqua plus directly. :neutral:


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Yep - tap water, even if clean, is HORRIBLE for salt water tanks. I don't know of any tap water that is ideal for saltwater fish tanks. I personally would up my salinity to 1.026, and consider upgrading the lights. I assume that is compact florescent lighting? You may want to consider cleaning any algae off them to help them out. If in doubt small water changes two times a week can never hurt.

BTW :welcome to Nanotank!


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Thanks for repling. I figured out that one of my kids decided to put some soap in there :Rant . Caught him doing it .Lucky enough it wasn't much and was a mild soap. When I unplugged the filter, foam started forming in the middle chamber. Yep gotta love those kids. I want to try and figure out how to lock my tank up. Make it child proof. I took everything out of the tank into a spare tank. Curing the live rock I have. Cleaning everything well and will started from scratch. This time though I will do my set up differently and use RO water. Thanks for the tips. Things I wouldn't have thought of.


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Yep. Soap will do that. :cool1: I have used the same child locks that exist for refrigerators with success. But my tank is a nano cube that has a hinged lid... It wasn't pretty, but it did the job.

Also just to make sure, if you are adding water to make up for evaporation (topping off) - use fresh RO water, not more salt water.

(I personally use RO/DI water, which is a bit better than RO, but anything is better than tap)