Help with 24 nano


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I had a question regarding dwarf lion fishes. My lionfish died in my tank a few months ago and ever since, any fish I put into that tank gets ich and dies in a few days. Do lion fishes release toxins into the water when they die? If so, I probably need to change out all of the water.

In case you ask, all of my parameters are within range. pH 8.3, nitrates and nitrites at 0, salinity at 24, ammonia at 0.


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Lionfish are venimous. However i can't imagine anyone would ever put them in their tank if they released a toxin that would kill all fish when they died. Inevitably the fish is going to die some day..... Why set your self up like that? Probably not the case....

And you said all new fish are getting ich. from my understanding of ich.... If you change out your water and leave your tank empty (with out fish) for a month the ich will all die off becuase it needs fish to survive. I could be wrong but look into it. and remember don't ever put copper in your tank.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.