JBJ HQI 28 gallon question, any guidance appreciated!!!


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Yes, I could have put this question in the newbie section, but since I have a thriving 10 gallon SW tank I figured i'd give myself a wee bit credit!
OK! I have the jbj HQI running for almost two weeks; 28 lbs of live sand and 29 lbs of live rock (uncured, drat!) Today I installed the skimmer, yes it's a cheapo and I will replace it, and I will have to invest in a chiller too. I have a coralia nano behind the rock, and a phospate removal pad under the triple media storage basket.
Should I take ceramic rings out?
When everyone talk about a sump what exactly does that mean!!!???
Do I need to add another pump to the middle chamber for better gph flow? I have a via aqua pump I could use.
I have the wave maker set at 90 seconds and the flow seems pretty lame.
I plan on coral, zoos and anenomes, with a scattering of fish.
OK, maybe I should have posted in the beginer's section LOL.


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well i have had the same tank but not the HGI and done nothing but add the protien skimmer with a uv steralizer and the stock flow and i have lps, zoanthids, soft corals and mushrooms and they are all thriving with the flow that i have. It has been up for 6 months now


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I have the Quad CF which is the same tank. What skimmers are you guys using cause my CPR bak pak is too big- actually i can't fit the bak pak with the refug set-up.