Light Timing?


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I am just getting all my stuff gathered up for my first saltwater aquarium and had a few questions about the timing of lights. I have a 20l and my fixture has daylight 12000k and actinic blue plus some bluemoon leds(all with individual timers). My question is should I have the actinic blues come on first thing in the morning, then a couple hours later have the 12000k's come on? Then at evening time have the 12000k's go off fisrt then a couple hours later have the actinic blues go off(kinda simulating the sun rising and setting)? Once those are off I could have the bluemoon leds come on for night viewing. Am I over thinking this? I do plan on having some beginner type corals and a couple of small fish like gobies, dartfish, blennies or something along those lines. Open for any suggestions.