My 10 Gallon


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Here is my tank, I just want to record this, not bore anybody, I'm just really excited.

I have a 10 Gallon with Fluval C4 filter, Salinity 1.024, Temp 76, I just loaded up with the 10 lb. of Live rock, got a really beautiful Display rock (on the right with the Shelf) so it's time to start the Cycle. (The yellow fish is from the Background) Using "Stability" and Prime to Neutralize the Toxin aspect.

Question, I have noticed that I have little white starfish starting to hit my glass already, in talking to the LFS, they say these are a pest, True? if so what would a proper way of disposing of them?

Plans for the tank are some Zoa and maybe a leather coral and maybe 2 Dwarf Ocillaris Clowns. (My LFS, has a trade factor in their member program, when they out grow the tank)

any thoughts? :wh