My 7.5G Wave tank


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Hello from the UK
Good site here ! Proper Nano specific

Here are some pics of my tank.

6kg LR
2 x Hydor Nano powerheads
Sunpod 70w MH light.
Not running any skimmers etc.

Hope you like.

Bottom up:

Tank has changed since this shot - got rid of torch as it was doing too well and stinging everything around even those far away !

My showpiece

Blasto frag


New Clam

Where that clam has attached - annoyingly

Yuma stung War coral - recovering


Current pic - scuse the algae had some sun get onto tank


Ritsuko N

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Now thats pretty intense for any tank much less a 7.5 gallon tank!!! You really need to do a detailed break down on this tank with a time line and all that stuff on this little jewel of a tank. I think it would make for a fatanstic read and provide a "road map" for anyone wanting to try and duplicate a simular tank.


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LOL..thank you
My pleasure Im bored at work anyways.
Hope the following doesnt bore anyone.

1. Tank
The tank is one of the new range we have got over here in the UK.
Of course over here we have much less range of everything than you guys

The tank comes supplied with a 250 lph HOB and 18W PC lighting.
And glass lid.

I binned the PC lighting straight away and ordered a Sunpod 70W MH.

As I got an ebay deal - I got tank with equipment and 4KG of Ultra grade Fuji LR as one deal.
The LR from this company is very good.
Got some extra LR pieces and started building the tankscape.

Idea was to have no messing around with skimmers - canisters - reactors - etc.
I wanted it to be simple to maintain.
Tank - HOB - lighting and using just the LR and flow to provide filtration.


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HOB - has RowaPhos sponge in small chunks
Small bag of Seachem Phosguard and a carbon sponge.

I was suffering from a lot of p04 - so got a very small goldfish internal filter - rated at 250lph
I filled the bottom of this tiny body with Seachem Phosguard
Then got a bunch of wire cheato
Installed the the cheato and goldfish filter at back of tank under one of the Hydor Nano's
Out of sight..

With the extra po4 removal this has given me its really helped.

Curiously now - cause the cheato grow quickly cause of the MH light - ive now still got it but use the cheato as a spongy sort of base - so I balance some corals on the chaeto as its so thick now.

The cheato in the last pics is running at the back of the tank on the right under the SPS acro you can see there.
The SPS there is sitting on a thick bundle of chaeto.
Seems to work well and has done so from the beginning with various corals being rested on the cheato.

A good way of hiding something ugly..


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I have 2 tanks so have been able to move some stuff around etc and give some away.

Stock as it stands going around the tank from TOP LEFT - clockwise.

Acan Maxima - Pale red with green stripes
Acan Maxima - Deep Red with white stripes
Maxima Clam - about 4 inches
Orange Zoa column
In front of Clam - small 3 head Blasto frag

Top of tank
Radioactive Green Zoa's in front

Middle of tank - Pink Yuma

Far right - blue Oulyphilia

Right Middle - Orange Acro
Next to it small frags of Montipora - Blue and Orange.

Bottom Right - Fluro green goni
Blasto Colony
War Coral

Middle Bottom
Red Flowerpot Goni
Green Ricordea
Red Coco Worm

Bottom Left.
Orange crush Acan echi.
Black/ Gold maxima clam [v small]
Blasto frag.

Non Corals:
1 x damselfish.
1 x pom pom crab
1 x Randal pistol shrimp
1 x Mitrax Crab

CUC: [all hitch-hikers]
1 Bristle star
1 Bristle worm
Various stomaella snails

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Im really kinda long have you had the two Goniopora corals?

These corals are generally very tough to keep long term in the USA and Japan, with long term being defined as more than a year. I have been able to do it with one in a 75 gallon tank and even got it to bud and create a few new colonies but this has been more of the exception than the rule for most in these two countries. As such I am always curious about these corals and Elegance corals too, and like to get a lot of details on the tank set ups per chance there is a trend or pattern in tanks where the success rate is higher.

Again you got a stellar looking tank! Thanks for sharing such an inspirational tank with us.


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Thanks All for kind comments
much harder to impress in the US as you have so many variants of tanks and lights and of course stock compared to the UK

In answer to the question - had both the gonis about the same amount of time about 11 months.
They have both been very very hardy - from KH swings to recently a 32c temp when heater stuck on !

Dont feed them for most of that total time - only in last month i give them 3 or 4 mysis sometimes.
They have always been under the MH - and apart from the tank running higher po4 than others - nothing else out of ordinary.

Im now running lower po4 and higher par valued 14k bulb [although same power as original]

Hope that helps.

New pics up soon - as im buying stock for new cube handbuilt project and keeping them in here until new tank has settled.



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thank you all for your kind comments

it took about 18 months to just stage ...

heres a shot of my current frag plate - which is waiting for my new cube build to cycle before it gets moved in