My New Firefish Jumped Out!


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Help. My poor Firefish I just got today has been really skittish and when it saw my wife, it jumped out of the tank! Even though I had put egg crates on top, but I think it found the only gap at the back of the fish tank :roll:

But now it is swimming on its side so it must have swallowed air. Will the fish come right? Can I do anything?

It is just looking sad.



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Ouch. Tough break, but I don't know how to deal with this one. Sounds like it may be air in the swim bladder.


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It jump out of the water because it couldn't breath due to toxins present in the water. Happend to mine as well. I immediately added some seachem detox into the tank, and did some water change, and added two teaspoon of salt. They immediately got better. I thought it was ammonia poisoning cause their scale were turning brown. But the water was very clear.. and my protein skimmer weren't skimming anything... so I thought the water was okay... but apparently not..

after adding the detoxifier and water change, they stopping trying to gasp breath on the surface of swimming upside down or sideway. Their scale returned to their normal colour as well. I just can't help but get confused of how can an ammonia spike happen all in a sudden. I was just sitting there watching my fish.. then all in a sudden, they went nuts.

My clown fish seems to be immune to the toxins lol cause it was the only one that was remaining calm. But I could tell it was scared and a little sick cause it was hiding at the bottom. I thought it was dead for a while, but it wasn't.