nano frag swap again


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jis it possible to do another nano swap?

i think it would be fun and people just keep sending frags around.
Is anyone up for another one? (i missed the first one)


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I'll have to see what I can come up with to swap, I may be interested in swapping before hot weather arrives here in the south.


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yay :langle

i would organize it but i dont know how :lol3:

i would also like to know how the trading works because im new to it and all

but im glad we have people ready to trade :langle
cant wait


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Do I need to remind you guys what happened last time I organized a swap? The only ones that ended up swapping was me and DJ!

Up to you guys if you want to make a go of it again tho....



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Put me down..... :)

WE could do the good old random list......start a list thread and when the cut off time comes, Jennie could just make the list random and each one sends to the next one on the list.