Need advice from experts please. I'm a total NOOBSTER

Mr. Miyagi

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New to SW. Money is no factor, i want the best setup. Any recommendations if I wanted to start off with a 12 gallon tank? I was thinking about a jbj nano cube (seems to be popular). I would go with a 28g nano but I am changing apartments in 8 months (close by to where I am now) and don't want a bigger tank until I'm stationary. Unless a 28g is relocatable (seems like a real big challenge to move from what I read so far.) I also would like recommendations for books to read. I want to start planning my setup now, and I want to start my reef the right way. Any recommendation on products or items I would need. Any package deals you can recommend?

Would this be good reading material for beginners?

Delbeek and Sprung volume 1,2,& 3


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There are many good books on aquarium keeping. Delbeek/Sprung are great references but might be too lengthy for a novice reefer. try looking up "The Nano Reef Handbook" by Chris Brightwell, "Mini Aquariums" by David E. Boruchowictz (Has both FW and SW info), "The Natural Reef Aquarium" by Tulloch.
Do some research first then make a plan that fits your desires/situation.