New to the Forum - 28g JBJ nanocube


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Hello all,
I'm new to this forum, but not to the hobby. I've kept a saltwater tank for the better part of ten years now. I picked up my cube in early September of 2008. Things were fabulous and thriving until I had to take an emergency trip and was gone for a month. Shortly before I returned, my "babysitter" said that the tank was looking a little dirty and needed cleaning but otherwise everything was fine.

I returned home to find a formidable algae outbreak in the tank. Most of my hard corals, mushrooms and polyps were melting or dead. My colt coral had a bacterial infection and had dropped a few branches which took hold to one of my anchor rocks.

I'm finally getting a hand on the algae problem. Now I've got my thrill back and I'm ready to jump into this project and make my tank as beautiful as it once was.