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First off hello everyone forgive the length of the post but wanted to give some backgroud

I am a long time FW tank owner and after several incidnets with the tank (filter cracking and empting the tank and then the seam on one side split and flooded the house again) I decided to buy a self contained acrylic tank and went looking for a jbj 28 gallon with the intent of using it for FW.

Well lo and behold sitting in the LFS is this Red Sea Max 250 ... cs250.html

Now she says there ya go lets save up and get this. I like the looks and the way it is self contained. But on another forum that is most FW a SW guys said this does not look like a good setup. Not that I am looking for an answer I like I just would like more than just 1 answer.

Anyway I would like to get a reef tank with a few fish and inverts and would this be a good choice. I want it self contained and to keep from using a sump or any external filters ect but I know I may have to get a chiller and it is prepumbed for this.

I am going to convert my old fw ot tank (15 gallon eclipse hex) to my first SW tank to experimentand get some exp. with until I can get a big tank

THank you for your time


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Hmm, the bigger you go with any aquaria, the better. As for the Red Sea Max 250, looks like a great tank. If you don't want it, give it to me! :)