Our 5-Gal Critter tank


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Hubby and I are new to the salt-water game...we've had our tanks up and running for about 3 months now. This one has been going flawlessly, and we've established the nitrates/nitrates at zero. Our long-term goal is to eventually upgrade and get some fish/reef...but we'll attempt to keep our critters alive for about a year or so before that happens!

Our "big" tank (lol)- 5gal Critter tank
4x Opae'ula Hawaiian red shrimp
2x Sexy Shrimp
1x Scarlet Hermit
2x Blue-legged hermits
2x Nassarius Snails
Crap ton of bristle worms
Crap ton of brittle stars
5x button polyp



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From what I've read the Hawaiian shrimp are brackish water not salt water shrimp. Everything else sounds okay as long as the worms and stars don't outgrow your tank.