PADI, SDI and SSI scuba certifications?


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Hello to all,

After about 4 years of maintaing reef tanks, I'm taking the plunge to take up Scuba classes and becomming certified. So far I'm hearing that all the certs are basically the same. I live in the East Bay of the Bay Area and Captain Aqua's is just around the corner.

Can anyone give me back some feedback on their experiences with SCUBA certs? Any info would be great, I already have about 5 friends that want to take the plunge with me.


Mike Guerrero


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I took the plunge reefers, I paid for SSI certification.... I joined Captain Aqua's in Hayward California... SSI stands for Scuba Schools International....

Wish me luck,



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I have PADI and it was quick and easy, but I learned all I needed to. But then again I had a discounted rate due to military base and what not. I have the open water certification, I can dive so long as when I look up the sky is there so no wrecks or cave for me...yet.