Pairing Clowns?


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I'm a rookie, so bear with me here. I have one ocilaris (sp) clown in my 12g aquapod right now. I go to the LFS and buy another ocilaris will they become a mated pair, or will there be any negitive issures between teritory or something?


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I dont know much about pairing up clowns, but I personally wouldnot put two clowns in a 12g tank long term.



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If you want a mated pair, it's best to buy them when they've already paired up. There are just too many variables and that can cost money!

Interesting enough, in the wild ocean, many clown species will change "gender," but I haven't heard that happening in a nano tank.


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I bought two clowns from liveaquaria and they stated that they wouldn't guarentee a pairing (unless from "Divers Den") but confirmed that most of them will change gender. Generally the larger clown fish is the female. Long story short, I have two clowns they were the same size when I got them and now one is larger (female?). Still no sure if they are paired but they are not fighting.

Ritsuko N

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For best results in pairing off a couple of clowns start with really small juveniles. Generally one will assert dominance and become the female and the other will remain a male and submissive. Some species will bicker more than others, for example Maroons will sometimes abuse each other so bad that one or both will be so beat up they will sometimes succum to illness and stress and die as a result. I have paired up a number of clown fish pairs in the past and gotten them to lay eggs but havent be able to raise the fry past the larva stage. I currently have a pair of Blue Striped Clown Fish and have them hosting on a RBTA, an anemone that they arent seen hosting on in the wild but will use as a host in captivity.

I agree with a previous post that in a 10 gallon tank, this is quiet a bioload. However being small fish now you could house them in your tank provided that you are planning to get a larger tank later down the road in the not too distant future.