Replacement fans on a jbj 12 deluxe!


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Does anyone know the size of the fans to replace on a jbj 12 gallon deluxe nano_Or a good cheap place to buy them.Will the ones that come out of a computer work.I have a extra cpu around that i could gut and use the fans out of that.Thanks!


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Lots of people use cpu fans to cool their tank. The trick is to use the correct adapter to get the correct amperage to the fan. I am no whiz on the electrics so can't give you a better answer than that. Maybe do a forum search, it sounds like a common topic;


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Check and I JUSt replaced mine and all I remember is that it is a two wire setup form the circuit board. The replacements I used have their own power suppply, so if all else fails just find any setup you like.


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I went to microcenter and got 2 fans that fit perfectly but at less than half the price. I cut and spliced the old connector in, the new fan had 3 wires. The 3rd wire is usually used for a tachometer, so the comp knows its working, but on these things they run all the time. SO far so good, although I will let everyone know in case of a failure!