Salinity way over chart


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Hi Guys,

Is my first time on this forum.
Currently I'm having a 50cmx33cmx35cm of tank, will be running a fowlr on this.
The tank is on a cycle right now. I had do a dosage of salt accordingly, but when i check it with my hydrometer, it gets over the chart more than 0.130.

At this stage, since is just the 1st day of cycle, should i replace about 10% of the water with freshwater? OR i just wait for the water to evaporate in time & replace it ?


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You will have to add more FW to get the salinity down, only water evaporates and not salt so your salt level will only increase with evaporation. Since you have an empty tank you can just remove water and replace it with FW, if it had livestock in the tank you would have to make the changes slowly (over a week or so). You should also mix salt in a container then add the premixed water to the tank and never add saltmix directly to the aquarium.


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Can't overemphasize - do not add salt directly to the aquarium. I see it again and again. Not a good step to get lazy with