Shrivelled mushrooms


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So I picked up some beautiful red/orange morphs from QLD coral creations the same time I got my red/green ric (who is doing nicely). They were ok for the first few days but over time they have more or less closed up until they look like this:

Regardless of whether the tank is lit or not. The water going through the tank is pretty much all NSW now, tap water was giving me the sh!ts so I bought an RO unit which is currently delivery pending. Using NSW from nielsen's in the meantime.

My blenny and my two clowns are fine, the newer ric is also fine, the older is not so good but he's been through a lot, and I haven't given up him yet. Water parameters are all where they should be - reading 0 on the big 3 (A, N and N), kH is nice and high as is calcium, phosphates are at 0 and pH is relatively stable. Temperature is also ok, the highest it's been lately is about 28° C which, while high, is not terrible. Usually it peaks at 26.

So any ideas as to why my mushrooms are being shy?


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Some corrals no matter how well you acclimate or how good your water parameters are, take time to adjust. I got a hammer and some zoa's the other day. Both drip acclimated over an hour. You'd think the hammer wouldn't extend and the hardy zoa's would open up, but actually it was the opposite! The zoa's haven't opened up completely yet and it's the hammer that's super happy. I had an umbrella mushroom leather that didn't fully extend for 2 weeks in my 45 gallon reef. I'd give it a few days before I would be any more concerned. Just make sure your params are as beautiful as they are now and their placement is appropriate. It's actually best not to move corrals once you place, at least until they get conditioned to their new environment.



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It doesn't look like it in the picture but is there other corals nearby that maybe stinging it? Depending on what you have in there it could be irritated by another coral nearby.


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Hey KoNP something you may want to do is just keep track of everything that happens AROUND your tank. I am begining to think that there may be an outside influence to some of your tank troubles. Cleaning supplies (even spraying them near your open top tank), other pets, friends *helping*, lotion, soap, or other creams on hands when going into tank.

I wouldn't worry too much about that mushroom yet, but something is amiss.