Tank crash? - Orca TL-450


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Since I have bought my tank everything was running fine, after it cyclingand all my reading at near enough 0 i placed a few crabs in, 2nd day of my crabs being in 1 molted and
i thought it was dead, but he showed his new face shortly after, a week or so later I wanted to add something new so added a clown, shop did not have a pair so took the one to add another at a later stage... was this ok?
My clown Neva leaves the right hand side of the tank unles feeding but then shoots back to where he was. why is this? is he lonely so neva leaves that spot???

A week later and I added a Greenbubble tip Anemone and a feather duster, the Anemone has behaved very strangely since that day... it does not seem to EVER stay right way up, always opening and retracting upsidedown ans shrivaling up!!! today I get home from work and it has shrivaled so much it looks dead, all tenticles are as thin as you like and the bottom of it is all wrinkly, it looks seriously ill. is this the case? am i over reacting?

Also when I got home i noticed the sand has changed color to a browny tint not all some, it was also around the the glass and is all over my rocks is this good or is this a sign that something is wrong?

If someone could advise?


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I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your Anemone is gone and you won't be able to bring him back. I just lost mine this past weekend.

When did you start your tank? From my understanding anemones are pretty particular about their environment and you should really wait untill your tank is established for a few months before adding them.

The brown that your describing sounds like your going through a diatom bloom. give us some pics and tell us about your tanks history. how long it's been up and running and like buttons asked..... parameters. Have you been doing your water changes regularly? how much feeding... blah blah blah.


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honestly i wouldn't put an anemone in a tank under 1 year old especially if you are new to the hobby. Anemones are super sensitive to tank parameters and a young tank is too unstable to house one. Once your tank's environment settles down then it's time to get one. It usually takes at least 6 months before a new tank will become established enough.

The brown stuff on your sand bed can be either diatoms or cyanobacteria. If you google either one you should be able to determine which it is. If you post pics then we can try and guess.

Like Cris said, post your actual parameter numbers, how much & often you are feeding, what's in the tank, water change frequency, filtration...etc. and we will try and help out as much as we can.