trying to save this coral.


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hey guys,
my tanks been running a little over a month now.
nitrites=0 ammonia=0, nitrates=little to none, (my tests are acting weird, ive used three different types and got 0, 4, and 9ish)

the tank is established, though ive added some more small uninhabited live rocks for decor.

im not sure on the coral ID, but the LFS called it a soft leather finger coral.
they said it got damaged when moving it to the display tank.
the base is attatched to two seperate rocks, so i can see how this wouldve happened.

anyways, it looks like its seen better days,
is there any way for me to nurse it back to health?

there are tiny tiny little brittle stars all over it.
but im prettty sure they will just move to live in the sand,
after a few more days...

pictures speak louder than words, so ill let you guys check out the damage.

it looked so sad at the pet store,
you guys think i can save it?
i did a water change and added trace minerals before putting it in.
its sitting in the spot with the best circulation...
im pretty sure it doesnt need to be fed?

all the little hitchhikers that came with it are doing ok,
even the little feather dusters.


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looks just fine to me - leathers/softies often tend to close up like that and then shed a layer - many new comers think that it looks like it is going to die but...
i would say that if tank life is good it'll be out in no time - leathers can take a ton of abuse and generally do well, even in less then optimal conditions - but they can be finicky after being messed with

"i did a water change and added trace minerals before putting it in"

water change good - dosing unneccessary and maybe even bad


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yeah its totally opened up now,
and looks much brighter...


and ill make sure no one drops it for the rest of its days :lol: